Stubborn Fat: Areas Where Fat Clings the Most

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Despite our best efforts through diet and exercise, many of us struggle with stubborn fat that never goes away. These areas are often called “problem areas.” Why? Because they can be discouraging for individuals who want to achieve their desired body shape.

In this blog, Dr. Jonathan McCue, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Minneapolis St. Paul, will explore the common areas where fat tends to cling the most. Moreover, he will also talk about the surgical treatments available to target stubborn fat.

Areas Where Fat Clings the Most

The abdomen is one of the most common areas where fat can accumulate, especially in the lower belly or “pooch” region. Stubborn belly fat can be particularly challenging to lose. It may happen due to factors including genetics, hormonal changes, and lifestyle habits.

Another popular area is near the waist. It is often referred to as love handles. Love handles, also known as flanks or hip fat, are another trouble spot for many individuals. These fatty deposits extend from the sides of the waistline and can create a bulge. Love handles can be tough to conceal, even with clothing.

The inner and outer thighs are notorious for holding onto excess fat, especially in women. Stubborn thigh fat can affect the overall shape and contour of the legs. It can lead to frustration and self-consciousness.

Two more areas include the back and arms. The back, including the upper and lower back and the bra line area, is quite a common area where fat tends to accumulate. Excess back fat can cause unwanted bulges and rolls, particularly noticeable in tight-fitting clothing or swimwear.

Many people struggle with excess fat in the upper arms, often known as “bat wings.” Stubborn arm fat can make wearing sleeveless tops or dresses uncomfortable and detract from overall arm definition.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments for Stubborn Fat

Fortunately, there are surgical treatments available to target and eliminate stubborn fat in these problem areas. Liposuction is one of the most popular and effective procedures for removing localized fat deposits. During liposuction, Dr. McCue uses a suction device to extract fat cells from targeted areas. It results in a slimmer and more contoured appearance.

Plus, newer techniques such as laser liposuction with the SculpSure system can also offer additional benefits. SculpSure is non-surgical, non-invasive, and produces great results without extensive recovery downtime.

Schedule Your Fat Reduction Treatment in Minnesota 

Stubborn fat can be a source of frustration and dissatisfaction for many individuals. Fortunately, surgical treatments such as liposuction offer effective solutions for targeting stubborn fats.

If you are struggling with stubborn fat deposits, call McCue Plastic Surgery at (952) 830-0089 or email us. Take the first step toward a slimmer, more sculpted physique by scheduling a consultation today.

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