Will My Breasts Look Natural After Breast Augmentation?

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Have you always wanted larger breasts but postponed meeting with a plastic surgeon because you’ve been worried that the procedure may make your breasts look artificial? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan McCue has some great news: a natural look is absolutely achievable with breast augmentation. In fact, he has a reputation in Minnesota for enhancing breasts in a way that looks both appealing and real.

What Makes Breasts Appear Natural?

For every patient that wants oversized, clearly enhanced breasts, there are many more breast augmentation patients who want a subtler look. If you prefer a natural look, Dr. McCue recommends requesting breasts with:

  • A size that has a similar proportion to the frame of your body
  • A slightly sloping trajectory
  • The most density in the lower portion of the breasts
  • Normal movement and jiggle
  • A moderate amount of space between the breasts instead of exaggerated cleavage

Be sure to communicate your preferences to your plastic surgeon rather than assuming that all surgeries are performed in the same way. A great plastic surgeon customizes each procedure to provide the patient with her ideal look.

Surgical Choices That Help Keep Breasts Looking Natural

The most important factor for ensuring that your breasts look authentic is choosing an appropriate breast implant size. Implants that make your breasts look disproportionate to your figure can arouse suspicion. Dr. McCue can help you choose a size that reflects your aesthetic goals.

The shape of your implants is another important factor. Round implants are the traditional option, but you may wish to try form stable implants (aka gummy bear implants or teardrop implants) that give your breasts a more natural, youthfully sloped shape. These implants are comprised of silicone.

If you are concerned with the way your breasts will feel, silicone implants are a better option than saline implants since they more closely mimic the texture of real breast tissue.

Find a Surgeon Who Understands Your Preferences

Your breasts should look the way you want them to. For great breast augmentation results, choose a plastic surgeon with a strong portfolio who listens to his patients’ unique requests. Dr. McCue is an experienced plastic surgeon in Minnesota who has helped women to feel more confident in their bodies without it looking obvious that they have had a cosmetic enhancement. To discuss this procedure with him and determine if it feels like the right fit for you, please call (952) 830-0089.

A Crucial Step
Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. McCue, you will be able to tell him what cosmetic procedure you are interested in, why you are considering plastic surgery, and what results you hope to achieve. He will carefully assess your needs, and help you understand all aspects of your procedure, including a clear explanation of what results you can expect, along with the risks involved with any surgical procedure.

He will also explain all of your options and help you understand what to expect prior to, during, and following the surgery. He will also give you a good idea of the costs of the procedure, if is not covered by insurance. Dr. McCue’s friendly and open personality makes these consultations pleasant and informative for his patients. Contact Dr. McCue soon to schedule your initial consultation.

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